Arturo Alemany

The emerging global economy has created extraordinary opportunities for the innovative and the enterprising.  Corporations are making a daily practice of crossing borders in search of new markets, new resources and new technologies.

Arturo not only recognizes these new global opportunities, but also the challenges of conducting business in foreign countries.  Professional and technical lines are defined and interpreted differently by every nation.  As companies expand into new markets, they find that not only is language a challenge in their affairs, but also that cultural differences are determining factors for successfully conducting business.

Arturo’s resume reveals experience in manifold disciplines and over the years he has been able to cultivate an extensive list of contacts at the highest levels of business and government leadership across the globe.  Part of Arturo’s formula for success is based on professional experience, hard work and tenacity.  He believes in building relationships that stress strong, long-term alliances based upon mutual benefits.  This philosophy is the cornerstone of his business.

Arturo has ample experience in the following areas:

•          Contract Negotiation

•          Strategic Business Planning

•          International Investments

•          Licenses and Permits Procurement

•          Purchases and Acquisitions

•          Marketing and Advertising

•          Capital Fundraising

•          Governmental and Regulatory Representation

•          Intellectual Property