Arturo Alemany is honored by the McAlister Institute

The businessman received the Miracle of Recovery Award

This past October 10th, the McAlister Institute hosted an award ceremony to honor, board member, Arturo Alemany, who has supported McAlister’s sobriety and recovery mission for over 5 years.

Arturo Alemany, who is world wide recognized for his 25 years’ experience as an international business strategist and consultant for Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States, Europe and Latin America, has founded and lead different companies within several sectors of private industry in which he has faced and surpassed important challenges.

Through all his professional career, Arturo has worked very hard to achieve his goals, and he is very grateful for all the rewards. Also, in his personal life, he has lived amazing and joyful moments but also has overcome sad experiences, one of the toughest, his mom’s death related to the alcohol abuse.

The most valuable and precious “currency”

All he has passed through, no matter how easy or difficult it was, helped him to become who he is now.

In his 10 minute speech at the Hotel Circle, Arturo shared with the audience how his life have shaped his beliefs and also how he found the most valuable and precious “currency” that any human being could ever have, and that is a vital and meaningful SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE.

“As a member and chairman of the McAlister institute, I emphasize the importance of believing in the most ultimate and priceless currency of human existence, which to me, is the vital spiritual experience, the one where you remind yourself that your life is more impactful to other people and to the entirety of the universe than you can currently comprehend. I firmly believe that this spiritual awakening can allow us to see how much alcoholism and drug addiction pushes us away from the connection to a higher power that may exist in the lives that we live.”

In his closing remarks, Alemany explained that this spiritual path “is inherent in all human beings, an experience where humans as a collective will look up to a higher power other than ourselves for a deep and meaningful calling towards goodness and greatness, that would otherwise be left in darkness and despair with idle drifting and goal-less existence in everyday life”.

The McAlister Institute provides professional services that heal the lives of individuals and families, improving the quality of life in communities through the miracle of recovery.

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